World Gourmet Festival

You all know my immense love for food. It’s something that always pops up in my mind every now and then and makes me smile!

So, when Mr Vir Sanghvi asked me to join him for dinner which wasn’t just a regular meal but a seven-course meal prepared by a Michelin-star chef, I couldn’t say a no! I mean, who can anyway???

The third annual World Gourmet Festival which is a one-of-a-kind festival that brings world-class chefs, bartenders, winemakers, food experts from around the globe under one roof.

World Gourmet Festival at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, in partnership with Sanguine, presented by Citi and powered by Qatar Airways presented a bespoke dining experience featuring some of the most highly-acclaimed global names in the culinary industry.

The festival showcased some of the most extraordinary food concepts which were never seen before and were curated by Michelin-starred chefs, wine sommeliers and cocktail mycologists who elevated the overall experience.


I was privileged enough to be invited to experience a seven-course meal prepared by Michelin star Chef Kirk Westaway, fame JAAN an internationally celebrated restaurant in Singapore. He’s reinventing British cuisine, by taking inspiration from his hometown – Devon.


His food was made with freshest gourmet produce. Simple yet complex.

I personally haven’t been a fan of salads but  I’m one now, after this experience. My favourite and the most enticing part of the dinner was the Heirloom Tomato Basil Sorbet. That looked very SIMPLE and appealing but it takes some 2-3 days for the tomatoes to be prepared

For this dish, A vine-ripened heirloom tomato is cooked sous vide in a tomato consommé, then stuffed with diced ox-heart varietals, gherkins and oregano. Japanese tomato berries and a refreshing basil sorbet accompany the dish, finished tableside with light tomato consomme foam dispensed from a siphon. It’s not just the description but the taste itself was mindboggling like I personally never imagined a salad to be this complex yet having a burst of flavours and satisfying your soul.






From a soothing and warm potato soup to organic hens egg, caviar everything was top notch. But like almost every time Dessert wins my heart. Ivory Caramel Chocolate with laced mousses and crackling chocolates was something that left me craving for more.


Thank you, Mr Vir Sanghvi and Raaj Sanghvi for inviting me.

Thank you, Chef Kirk and Chef Anupam Gulati for an exceptional culinary experience. I feel happy to be a part of India’s biggest gastronomical event. I’m taking back a lot of good memories and a heart that craves for more.


Dinner was priced at INR 10,620/- 

Till then, #HappyHogging !


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