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I’m already done for the day. Thoughts that pop in as soon I hear this horrifying word. Let’s just accept the fact that this is one of the most uninvited days that we all hate. Only thing that keeps me going is if I get good food to survive through the day. One such thing happened when I was invited for “The Royal Kitchens of India” festival at Jehan Numa Palace Hotel.

Bhopal’s culinary scene is so diverse that you can find food to satisfy any taste bud. And when it comes to Indian cuisine, almost all the restaurants serve one dish or the another. But if you’re looking for a revival of ancient cuisines, you need not be disappointed.

Taking the ultimate curated experience with food to the next level, Jehan Numa Palace has introduced this 5 days of exclusive royal feast by the name of “The Royal Kitchens Of India.”

An elaborate buffet will be set with some exclusive and specially curated dishes which were historically made for the kings with some secret recipes  and spices that were exported from different regions. The menu will comprise of the Awadhi,  Rampuri and Hyderabadi cuisine.  Chef Mujeeb holds huge experience and therefore he came up with food fit for the kings. Food which holds rich heritage touch in every essence of it.

Kasundi Paneer Tikka: Kasundi Paneer tikka was prepared with paneer chunks marinade in mustard paste , curd and indian spices and grilled to perfection. Tasted absolutely brilliant.

Rampuri Chapli Kebeb: Classic old favourite. Melt-in-the mouth kebabs made with finely minced lamb had a burst of flavours.

Galouti Kebab: Absolutely lip-smacking and my favourite succulent Galouti Kebab are a must try from this festival. The famous Lucknow melt in the mouth kebabs are made with minced meat and handful of Indian spices.  

Rampuri Gosht Korma: Rampuri Gosht Korma comes from Rampur district. This was one of the royal dishes prepared by the Chefs of royal kitchen. The dum style cooking  along with robust flavours and spices made it heavenly.

Machli ka Salan: Fish is cooked in a thick ginger and garlic based gravy was again a amazing dish to look forward to. Made with simple ingredients this can be enjoyed with Awadhi Naan.

Changezi Murgh: Changezi Murgh was made with roasted chicken in tomato-based gravy with loads of aromatic indian spices one of them being changezi masala coming originally from Rampur.

Lucknowi Gosht Pulav: I had to do an hour study just to find out the difference between Lucknowi biryani and Pulav. Gladly, I found that there’s nothing like Biryani. Biryani is synonyms  with Pulav in Lucknow. So yes, I had a pulav and I do not feel any embarrassment because it tasted awesome.  The rice was cooked on low flame and therefore the aroma & strong flavours along with spices did the magic.

All the gravies were served with authentic Awadhi Naan and Taftaan.

Sheer Khurma: Sheer Khurma is a rich mughlai dessert made with vermicelli and relished during Eid. Sheer khurma is prepared with milk, vermicelli, dried dates and sugar. Tasted heavenly.

The food at Jehan Numa Palace is Rich, and by that I mean for the Kings. It’s an opportunity for the Food Lovers in Bhopal to learn and explore about the dishes that are not known by everyone.

They surely use the secret ingredients that were inherited and passed on to the generations  and they do justice by adopting those techniques. The festival starts from 29th Nov and is on until 03rd Dec 2017.

Do visit and experience yourself. 🙂

Till then, Happy Hogging!!


Thank You Mr. Shaji for the invite.

Thank you Chef Mujeeb and Chef Akash for the royal meal.


P.S. The author was invited and the reviews are personal.

Tastes are subjective and may differ from person to person.



Food Festival:  The Royal Kitchens Of India

Restaurant: Shahnuma, Jehan Numa Palace

Price: INR 1055/- + Taxes

Address: . 157, Shamla Hills, Bhopal

Date: 29th Nov to 3rd Dec 2017

Valet Parking: Available


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