Back with a Bang!

Back with a Bang!

Hello All Chatora People!

It’s Been a Looooooong time! Apologies for not being active with my posts. There were some major changes in my life. Many might know, those who don’t lemme just update you, I recently shifted to Bangalore for moving on with my career apart from blogging about food. It’s been like three to four months already and I just didn’t realize that the time went by so fast.

Been exploring this super cool place with uber classy restaurants and have discovered a bit so far. There is more yet to be explored because this city is massive when it comes to food and party apart from those IT hubs!

Well, one thing I noticed here in past few months is that there are very few places that serve North Indian food. Since Bangalore being a cosmopolitan city and people coming from all parts of the world you’ll find a more of International Cuisines. But, for people like me who are born to eat can enjoy this place no matter what. Indulging in the some flavorsome cuisines over here is what I do almost on every weekend! 😛

So here are some Kick-ass places that I have visited so far and I wish to dine again!

The Black Rabbit

The Black Rabbit

The Black Rabbit (Picture From Zomato)

I still remember it was like my first weekend in Bangalore since I shifted and I visited this place with one of my friend. The name itself was so catchy that I couldn’t say a no! This whimsical place is holed up at 100ft Road on Indiranagar.  The moment I entered this place, I was drawn away by its Swanky Interiors. The most eye catching part was the giant bowls hanging upside down on the ceiling.

But, what I loved about this place was there Burgers! This place excels in some kick-ass burgers!

Spicy Crispy Vegetable burger

Spicy Crispy Vegetable burger

Spicy Crispy Vegetable burger

The moment it arrived on the table I was excited and couldn’t wait to eat it. I was highly impressed by the stuffing which consisted of Mayonnaise, Jalapeño, Grilled Zucchini, Gherkins, Grilled Onions, Grilled Tomatoes and Loads of Cheese.  The vegetables stuffed inside the patty were juicy.  The size was really apt that you cannot think of consuming anything else after having this! Absolutely fell in love with this Burger and the Mustard sauce they served with the Pickle was the show stealer!


Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar

I bumped into this place on a Sunday for Easter brunch celebration. Honestly, we were searching for a good place to dine and almost every place in Indiranagar had an hour waiting. We were lucky enough to find a table at this place. As soon as we entered this place seemed to be really small and we doubted if we could actually dine there. But the best part was that they have arranged the seating in such a way that the place won’t look cranky. The Interiors are Funky and Stylish with Pop music adding some extra points to it!

Veg Kebabs with Fresh Cottage Cheese

Veg Kebabs with Fresh Cottage Chees

Veg Kebabs with Fresh Cottage Cheese

Well seeing this name on the menu I quickly made a perception in mind that this is going to be a typical North Indian Dish. I was almost jumping that finally I found something from the place I belong. As soon as the Dish was served, I was Amazed. It seemed like something really different to what we ordered. But, to be frank the Chef was a Master Mind to convert an Indian Dish into an International one. The Kebabs were served with 4 Pavs, which had an altogether different taste and were truly complementing with the Kebabs.


They were light smoked plantain and Moong dal kebabs which were stuffed with cottage cheese and herbs. They seemed to be really light but when you actually start eating them you can feel each and every flavour of the herbs and spices. The cottage cheese was absolutely fresh and grabbed all the attention! A total lip smacking dish!


Go Veg!

Go Veg!

Go Veg!

Oh yes! A Burger again! All these months I have been eating loads of Burgers! Go veg was something I wanted to try from the Menu. After the Scrumptious kebabs, I was almost full but there was something more waiting for me. The best part about the food over here is there classy presentation. Even if you are full the presentation will make you hungry all over again. Go Veg Burger was something very giant to me after my heavy starters. The patty was absolutely brilliant in taste. It consisted of some Diced Carrots, Potatoes, Kidney Beans and Green Peas added to it my favourite Extra Cheese to make it more heavenly. A stunning Burger on Easter just made my Day!



If you ever say me a place where I wish to dine every day. I would say Truffles Ice and Spice.

A place very near to my new home in Bangalore and where I can bump in anytime for some Kickass burgers and mouth-watering pastries. The interiors itself are very inviting. Though the place is really small and compact but the vibrant loud music and good food will definitely catch your attention.

Crunchy Veggies Burger

Crunchy Veggies Burger

Crunchy Veggies Burger

Well, all those who love kothey or I should say crispy vegetable…What If I told you to serve them in a Burger??  I’m sure by now you might have started craving! The Crunchy Veggies Burger at Truffles is something to die for and I can eat it almost every day. It has some deep fried vegetable covered with tangy sauce and tastes exactly like Vegetable Kothey or Crispy Vegetables found in the Northern region of India. It tastes heavenly and absolutely very crispy! That’s a must try for whoever visits Truffles!

Italian Pasta Alfredo

I have tried their pasta in pesto sauce but that has never amazed me so much.  But, if you wish to try something Italian make sure to check out their Italian Pasta Alfredo. Ask them for some extra Cheese on it to make it more divine. Since it’s made in White mushroom sauce it’s a must try for all the people who love pasta.

One can accompany some chilled drinks with it. My Favorite is Hazelnut Frappe!



The Biere Club

Landed up to this place with no prior plans and out of the blue since it was a weekend and all the places had waiting for an hour while it was raining really heavily in Bangalore. We two girls were lucky enough to grab seats at this place even though it was jam packed. The best part about this place is its Location. Standing at the junction of Vittal Mallya and Lavelle road just opposite the UB City is a major plus point to grab the attention of many people. Even though being in high competition with other places surrounded on the same road this place makes its way being at the corner of the road.

The interiors are of solid woodwork making it a cozy place. The place looks really compact and small from the outside but is huge from inside with really good seating arrangements.

Mediterranean Kebabs

Cheese Sheek Kebab

Cheese Sheek Kebabs

Cheese Sheek Kebabs

At first the menu seemed to be quiet confusing to me as to what should be ordered since we were starving.  We thought of experimenting so we called in for Cheese Sheek Kebabs.  The presentation was not that appealing to me but the taste was something that changed my mind totally. Extremely delicate soft and smooth in taste the kebabs were the stars of the evening. Made in Pesto marinated char grilled cottage cheese and served with romesco and harrisa. The sauces totally complemented the kebabs along with the flat breads. This was something I shall order the next time I visit this place.

The Biere Club’s Plank Pizzas

Tomato Mozzarella Pizza

Tomato Mozzarella Pizza

Tomato Mozzarella Pizza

Wanted to try their Four Cheese Pizza but unfortunately that wasn’t available. So, decided to call in for Tomato Mozzarella Pizza. The size was huge for two girls to finish up. The crust was extremely thin and a lil crisp making it more tempting but I won’t say it was something new. Probably, a regular one that could be found in any other restaurants as well.


Tossed Pasta Fettuccine

Tossed Pasta Fettuccine

The actual problem occurred when we called in for the pasta and they forgot to place our order in their kitchen. Waiting for a while after our complain and found that the steward mistakenly brought spaghetti while we ordered for Penne. He was kind enough to get that changed but we thought to give it a try. The Pasta was light creamy with thin chopped mushrooms, parmesan and basil oil. It was a lil sweet and wasn’t really of my liking.  I won’t say it was bad but something that I won’t wish to try out again. Maybe because I can find better options on the menu next time.





What’s so hot?

Veg Kebabs with Fresh Cottage Cheese at Monkey Bar.


What’s chilled?

Hazelnut Frappe at Truffles.


What’s Yummy for my Tummy?

Crunchy Veggies Burger at Truffles and Cheese Sheek Kebab at The Biere Club.



The Black Rabbit: 4/5

Truffles Ice & Spice: 4.5/5

Monkey Bar: 4.5/5

The Biere Club: 3.5/5


Here comes an end of my post of some places which I have visited in Bangalore couple of times.  Many more new and amazing places yet to be explored.

Also, apologies for low resolution pictures. My DSLR Cameras are in hometown.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Make sure to drop in a comment. I love reading your feedback.

Till then Happy Hogging! 😀

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    Ritika June 21, 2015 (8:07 am)

    Love hogging with the chatori… Good work…. Keep going… N look forward to discover many more yummy for my tummy places with you…?

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    Sharvam June 22, 2015 (1:05 am)

    Mouth watering posts. I wish I could have all of them. 😛 Keep blogging. Best blog that I follow. 😀 😀 . Now I badly want the Kababs. :/

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