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It’s raining cats and dogs!

While people feel sluggish and lazy in the morning, I feel like a Ninja because no better motivation than food. Sunday mornings, when you might happen to skip breakfast to chase down those mid morning hunger pangs, a perfect Sunday Brunch is what will set the right mood for the day. For me, the idea of brunch has always been phenomenal. Favourite company, scrumptious spread and a fancy drink. Just another small joys of life. <3

The familiar chill in the air and raindrops splashing against your window panes makes the perfect recipe for a monsoon food fest. While we might resent getting stuck in traffic and having our plans ruined, the season has its perks, too. More than the food, it is the mood that enhances our appetite during monsoons. 🙂

We all love surprises, especially if it rains during the brunch. Now that summers have bid the farewell, and the monsoons are here to greet, Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal is hosting its special Monsoon Brunch for gourmands to enjoy this season and has a spectacular exhibition of monsoon cuisine prepared by a Chef Ravinder and his team.

Kind Notice: This post is going to highlight more of pictures because the spread was huge. 😀

The rains are incomplete without savouring the traditional and contemporary spicy-crispy delicacies. The few things that come to our mind when we here rains are Chai, garma garam pakode, corn, spicy chaat, samosas or may be piping hot soupy and spicy maggi.

Let me tell you, I had this all, at one place. 😀

I started with Lemon Masala Tea, which was one of the very classic and marvellous teas one can have. Made with the most simplest of the ingredients, it’s healthy and you might ask for a few more glasses. I then had freshly made sizzling pakodas. Well, they have live stations over here and options to choose from. I personally like Potato and onion pakodas as it has been a ritualised treat in the family when it rains.  Then I moved towards the Pav Bhaji and Chaat Counter. This might remind you of Juhu Chowpatty and Mumbai Rains. While I was walking around with my Marriott cum Brunch mate – Anmol, Chef Ravinder was kind enough to make us taste Moonglet which is also known as vegetarian omelette which reminded me of Karol Bagh, Delhi.


From Street food section showcasing variety of chaats, Kebabs, Bhajiyas and Chai there’s something for everyone. Heading towards the live counters, there were Pastas, Bhutta, Bhajiyas, Maggi, Khao Suey, Pav Bhaji, Omelette and more. Everything’s fresh, hot and soothing.

In the appetisers I had, Thai basil chilli potato, Durast Paneer Tikka and Kathal ki Shammi.

Maggie & Khao Suey

It really doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, a food critic or a model. Maggi is loved by all. Especially in rains, it becomes all the more charming. I got mine made according to my preference and so can you. A little extra spicy with butter is what I like. 🙂


While enjoying the live music they also have pass around trolley snack counter wherein they serve Cheese/Potato Nuggets and Hakka Noodles. I found that really cute and interesting.


Moving forward towards the soup, salad and live grills section, I had a hard time selecting what all would fit into my plate. 😛                  



The variety of breads and cheese is worth trying. Edam, Feta and Brie.

Since the spread was huge and I could try only a few of them as I try taking food in smaller quantities just for the fact that I don’t miss out anything.

Sweet Corn & Potato salad was a combination of sweet and spicy corn and potatoes. Roasted Apple & cherry tomatoes with feta cheese, three beans salad, Mix lentil salad, tomato boccocini salad and one of my favourite;  chickpea tabbouleh salad. I had really high expectations when I saw Tabboluleh and that reminded me of one of my very dear friend and chef from The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai who made me first eat this salad when I was in Bangalore but it was pretty okay-ish. But, not judging over here since it’s hard to find this such things in Bhopal. I particularly enjoyed the Tomato Boccocini Salad which was very refreshing.

Make sure you try the Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesean cheese) & butternut squash soup which was creamy and comforting.


What is a brunch without some good drinks? Often at the onset of making brunch a success lies equally on the shoulders of the bartender as it does on the chef.

Oh well, let me tell you, I tried not 1. Not 2 but 3 different kinds of drinks and I absolutely loved each one of them.

Pineapple Crush

A peppy drink adding dash of fun. Pineapple juice mixed with lemon, ice and Soda fizz.


Herb Infused Drink

There’s no contradict about the profuse usage of herbs and spices, but have you tried them in a cocktail? The mixologist at Courtyard by Marriott has a variety of such drinks to offer. This particular drink shown in the picture had orange peels, basil, Cinnamon, water, lemon and a few herbs. This drink was one of the best things about the brunch. Moreover, it’s healthy too, so no harm in asking for a few more glasses. 😀

Litchi Delight

This drink looked absolutely tempting and refreshing. The Litchi delight was prepared by blending litchi squash, soda and lime juice.


Moving forward to the Main Course section,

Baked Vegetables:  An assortment of colourful veggies, mixed into white sauce, topped with cheese and baked till the cheese melts. The lusciously gooey layers over the vegetables are absolutely divine.

Eggplant in Hot Bean sauce: This dish had bursts of flavours. Even if you’re not an eggplant lover, you’ll still enjoy it. It’ll tease and appease your taste buds. Relish it with Fried rice.

Shanghai Fried Rice: Rice stir fried with vegetables and mix of Chinese sauces are an absolute delight. I paired it with the eggplant in hot bean sauce and it tasted brilliant.

Kadhai Paneer: A tantalizing dish with aroma of spices cooked with tomatoes, capsicum and onion giving it a good texture. This flavourful dish paired with buttery naan is oh, so good! 😀

Meethi Malai Kaju Mutter: Meethi and mutter are a super-hit combination as their flavours complement each other well. The slightly sweet, nutty taste of green peas combines distinctively with the mild bitterness of Meethi. Added to it the creamy texture gravy because of the cashew nuts is yet again dazzling.

Dal Makhani: Oh this is my favourite! You must be aware by now! 😀 Dal Makhani which was made with Red kidney beans and black gram, cooked with ample amount of butter and particular spices making it rich, creamy and luscious.

Hyderabadi Sabz Khuska: Khuska is basically a Biryani without the vegetables. Now you must be thinking who eats that? Well, it’s just the Biryani Rice with those same flavours and same aromatic rice which are eaten with Dal and gravy. (Because plain rice is boring at times!)

After hogging so much, I took a break with a glass of garma garam masala cutting chai and enjoyed the live music. (I don’t know the artist’s name, but he was amazing) 🙂 #LeisurelyDelights 






No better way to end the feast with delicate and alluring desserts. It is elegantly placed just near the elevator and is the first thing you see when you enter the fourth floor.  You will straight away know what to keep room for! 😉

This particular section is a place which makes me happy as well as sad.

Happy because so many desserts to devoured. Sad, because even if I try I cannot eat each and every dessert and will have to give it a pass. Precisely, one of the most heart breaking situation when you want to but you can’t.

Nevertheless, I tried and again play over here by taking small pieces of whatever could fit in my small plate. 😛

Black forest cake, Rainbow Cake, Tiramisu, Masala Chai Crème Brulée, Opera, Mango cake and cute little  Red velvet and Chocolate mini cup cakes. Amongst the Indian desserts, I tried the Chena Sandwich, Ghewar and Malpua.


I found Rainbow cake really amazing while Tiramisu was a bit of a disappointment to me. 🙁 While, the show stopper was the Masala Chai Crème Brulée. Chef Reddy deserves all the praise for making a french dessert with Indian spices. 

Crème Brulée is flavoured with the spices used in masala chai such as cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon giving the dessert a different flavour of masala chai pooled up with the sumptuousness of a French custard. I also tried the Waffle Ice-Cream (De Waffle) which was Uber cool because they make the waffles right in front of you. It’s hot crispy served with scoops of ice-cream and small chunks of fruits and nuts.  



I was almost feeling bloated by then and had to stop eating!!

Nevertheless, I had an incredible time at the brunch and I completely enjoyed the overall experience. The food was gorgeous and drinks were revitalizing. Service is always impeccable.  Swoon into the rhythm of the rains on Sunday’s with an exciting Monsoon-themed brunch at Momo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal.

Book your tables now.

Till then, Happy Hogging!!

Swag – Brunching Partner

Thank you Anmol for the invite.

Thank you Mr. Girish, Chef Ravinder, Chef Vivek, Mr.  Alok, Bhaskar & team for a magnificent experience.

I enjoyed myself and can’t wait to come back! 😀


P.S. The author was invited and the reviews are personal.

Tastes are subjective and may differ from person to person.


Restaurant: Momo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal

Address: DB City, Arera Hills.

Date: Every Sunday

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Valet Parking: Available

For Reservations Call: Bhaskar – 8349101524


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