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Swaad Ambarsar Da!

Sat Sri Akaal my fellow chatoras,You must be thinking, again this girl must be up with a Marriott food festival  (Facepalm). Well, yes I am! What to do if these people are so determined to put forth so many astonishing delicacies on the ... Continue Reading

Powerpuff Girls hogging at Cafe Mojo Jojo

A jolly whoop for young crowd of Bhopal! Do you love food? Do you love cartoons? Do you remember Cartoon Network? And, do you remember Mojo Jojo from Power Puff Girls? If yes, then you'll understand my references. I'm writing about none other than ... Continue Reading


Phirni, which is a magnificent, creamy dessert made with rice combined with milk, cream, sugar and some saffron strands for flavouring. Traditionally, phirni is always cooked over low heat so that the milk thickens while cooking. The thickened milk ... Continue Reading


  LOKRANG   Bhopal is a land of religion and culture. It celebrates the spirit of India through its varied Fairs and Festivals. These Fairs and Festivals are an integral part of the Indian heritage. They are celebrated in ... Continue Reading