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Naidu`s Kottu – from South Indian Chopals

Hello Chatora People,March is all about madness and by that madness I mean Hustle Bustle. Yes, my social media accounts must have given you an idea of why I mentioned this. For those who are not aware, I'd like to mention that this month has ... Continue Reading

Swaad Ambarsar Da!

Sat Sri Akaal my fellow chatoras,You must be thinking, again this girl must be up with a Marriott food festival  (Facepalm). Well, yes I am! What to do if these people are so determined to put forth so many astonishing delicacies on the ... Continue Reading

Hog like a Yankee!

  New York Food Truck Fest at Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal. I just love the way restaurants come up with different - different food festivals, for they aim to enhance and improve the gastronomic landscape of the city. I've been ... Continue Reading