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Brunching Out Loud!

As the weekend slips through, commencing a new week with a lazy Sunday morning, you might happen to skip breakfast. To chase down those mid morning hunger pangs, a perfect Sunday Brunch is what will set the right mood for the day. So if you have no plans for your Sunday afternoons head to Under the Jamun Tree at Jehan Numa Retreat for an intricate Sunday brunch.

With a refreshing view over lush green lawns, Jehan Numa Retreat is the place to start the perfect Sunday with a delectable and exquisite brunch. Guests have a plethora of choices, including live grills, unlimited drinks and a sumptuous buffet spread.

Sunday brunches at Jehan Numa Retreat is a destination in itself. Under the Jamun Tree’s alfresco dinning is Bhopal’s best destination for a pleasant and relaxing Sunday afternoon while sipping your favourite drink.

As soon as I entered the restaurant, I was welcomed with drinks and Street Food live station standing right at the entrance. Pizzas, Pastas, Parathas and Typical Indian Chat Theela serving mind boggling Chats such as Dahi Puri, Papdi chaat, Pani Puri , Bhel Puri etc.





The salads and cold cuts are my favourite way to start on a buffet and Jehan Numa Retreat does not disappoint in both. The best part about the salads was that all the vegetables were grown in Chef’s organic garden and hence they were so fresh that they had a very different taste as compared to the veggies we get from market.


What is a brunch without some good drinks? Often at the inception of making brunch a hit, lies evenly on the shoulders of the bartender as it does on the chef.

The bar tender presented its Signature Drink named Retreat Orange Lemonade, Sangria and Cosmopolitan. All the three drinks were absolutely Bang On! But, I particularly loved the Sangria and Cosmopolitan.  You can also try the variety of Mojitos, Martini’s or can go in for Single Malts or Beer. The bar tender can also curate drinks as per your choice. 🙂






Pizza is something I can never say No to! Jehan Numa Retreat offers two variety of Pizzas i.e. Classic Margarita and Smoked Chicken and Jalapeno.

I ordered for the classic margarita one and it was incredible. The thin crust and the gooey cheese always melts my heart.  




Roasted Tomato and Basil Sauce: This pasta was an example of how simple ingredients can bring out the magic when it comes to taste. Absolutely flavourful dish made with Roasted Tomato and fresh basil. Cooked in olive oil, the roasted tomatoes blended so well that the taste became phenomenal.

Lamb Bolognaise: The Bolognese sauce is made with minced lamb, tomato, onions, parsley, lots of Parmesan cheese. The penne pasta cooked in Bolognese sauce tasted brilliant!


Egg Benedict: Just in case you missed out your breakfast you can start the brunch with breakfast. Egg Benedict was on the brunch menu. Chef Siddharth mentioned that the brunch menu keeps on changing and sometimes they have pancakes too.

Mughlai Paratha: Not a person who likes international cuisines? Worry not! The desi dishes never fail to amaze us. With scrumptious keema filling in the parathas,  served with Aloo ki sabzi, this famous street food was very delicious.



From The Tandoor….

Seek Kebabs, Desi Murg Hariyali Tikka, Paneer Malai Tikka, Amritsari Fried Fish: The kebabs and Tikkas were cooked using high temperatures in the tandoor which is a traditional clay pot heated over coal fire. The flavours which emerge are a delicious combination of smoky yet subtle, while the textures are rich, soft and succulent. Good on taste and made to perfection.


Main Course

Chhole Paneer: Kabuli Chana, Paneer and Mixed Vegetables, cooked with tongue-tickling spice powders, tomatoes and kasuri methi. Absolutely delicious!!  

Matar-do-pyaaza: Peas and onions which were garden fresh, were cooked with onions and indian spices. An appetizing dish, I relished it with crispy butter garlic naan.

Kashmiri Dum Aloo: A delicacy hailing from Kashmir. This Dum Aloo is a delectable dish made with baby potatoes which were cooked with curd, tomatoes and a flavourful paste of whole spices and sautéed onions giving it a burst of flavours.



Vegetable Thai Green Curry: Jehan Numa Retreat also offers international cuisines in the main course. So, if you don’t want to binge on that heavy gravy based dishes you can also opt for Thai Curry. The Thai Green Curry has chunky veggies dipped in a lip-smacking curry, cooked with aromatic herbs and spicy powders, tangy lemon juice and onion, ginger, garlic to enhance the flavours. Thai preparations use coconut milk as a balancing act making the curry perky yet pleasant to the taste buds. I loved it!! 

Bhopali Rizala: A heavenly delight for non-vegetarians coming all the way from the kitchen of the Nawabs. The robust flavours make it all the more enticing.

Chicken Dum Biryani: The rice was cooked on low flame and therefore the aroma & strong flavours along with spices did the magic.

Some other dishes on the menu were: Dal Pancham, Khade Moong ki Dal Onion Mint Pulav etc.



Kuch Meetha Hojaye….

No better way to end the feast with exquisite and alluring desserts, which were handcrafted to perfection.

Pastries: These cute little pastries had butter cream frosting. The best part what I observed was the drastic improvement and increase in the variety of desserts as compared to previous year’s brunch. 

Coffee Mousse: Chocolate mousse is for those who like the sweet and indulgent smell of cocoa, while this mousse is for those who love the rich, invigorating aroma of coffee.

Gajar Ka Halwa: This dessert has been a traditional charm that pleases almost everyone with the perfect melt- in – the – mouth texture which was intensified with mava and milk made it the best thing about the brunch!!

Phirni: This dessert is a traditional. Wonderful and light dessert that won’t let you feel bloated!

Nitrogen infused Kesariya Gulkand Ice Cream: This one was one comfort dessert!!

Creamy, soft, chilled and delicious  Kesariya Gulkand Ice cream made with Liquid Nitrogen is sure to win your heart! 🙂

Some other desserts worth trying are: Sweet curd, Fresh fruits, Brownies, Mango Mousse etc.

I was mesmerised by the whole experience and would highly recommend this place.

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Thank You in anticipation.



Pricing: The brunch is priced at INR – 1,599 (Non Alcoholic) & INR – 2,199 (Alcoholic) . (Unlimited Food & Beverages)

Timings: 1 PM to 5 PM every Sunday (until the end of march)

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Sunday Brunch at Jehan Numa Retreat, Bhopal #OnePlaceInOneMinute


Also, check out the live video I did for Jehan Numa Retreat on my Facebook Page. 🙂 

Till then, Happy Hogging!


Thank you, Mr. Vincent Marques, Chef Siddharth, Mr. Mayank Sharma and team for such a magnificent experience.

P.S. The author was invited and the reviews are personal.

Tastes are subjective and may differ from person to person.




Restaurant: Under The Jamun Tree, Jehan Numa Retreat

Address: Dr. Saleem Ali Road, Near Van Vihar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh – 462002, India

Telephone: +91 755 6606600, 4235100




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