#IFBAatJW 2014

Hello Lovely People,

It’s been really Loooonnng time. How you doing? Well, you guys must be thinking that I am going to review some restaurant today. But, nooooo‼ Time for a change. Let me keep this post a lil more simple and friendly. Recently, I got to know how many people actually read my blog, how many just have a look at the mouth watering food pictures and how many point out my grammar! >.<
Well I was in Mumbai recently. Many might know due to social media. Those who don’t know, let me take the opportunity to tell you, I was at #IFBAatJW, an event organised by Food bloggers association of India.
I was very excited to be there from quiet a long time. Since it was planned a month back, I quickly planned out my trip to Mumbai. Also, if some could notice many food bloggers changed their name and used Hash tags regarding the event on Twitter. #IFBA2014 & #IFBAatJW.

Some questions that were annoying me every now and then,

1. Why am I going there?

Ans. Dude, its food bloggers awards. How can I miss this opportunity to be a part of it and meet people who possess the same interest as mine?! I am going there! (Evil grin)

2. There are going to be so many food bloggers. Some might be the Big daddies of food and beverages industry, how would all react? How am I going to connect with them?

Ans. FOOD. Connecting people. 😀

3. What to wear?

Ans. OMG! I am not a celebrity. Nor do I have some designers to get me a dress.

Well, then there is my mom, sister, my best friend and her elder sis (Designer by profession) and am all sorted! 😀

4. What’s gonna be on the menu? 😀

Ans. Something definitely mouth-watering for which I had to wait for 2 Nov.

Okay after all that Gyan about me and my inquisitive nature finally writing about the #IFBA2014


Finally the day came, 2nd November 2k14, arriving at JW Marriott, Meeting up with the people in real after being virtual friends.

Mr. Sameer Malkani (Co. Founder, FBAI)

It all started at 12’ Noon. The #IFBA Dialogues.


First session: “Social Media v/s Traditional Media

Some of the renowned people in the speaker’s panel. Now, it would be unfair to write about the discussion in a few words and I might just miss out many things. So I am just giving a glance of what was it all about.
Best highlights that I jotted down worth sharing were:

  1. “Food bloggers becoming journalist and Journalist becoming food bloggers” – Kalyan Karmakar (Finelychopped)


2.“It takes 8 secs for a human to grab their attention towards something, less than a goldfish” – Nikhila Palat (PR, Taj Mahal Palace)

3.“Power of a PAN rather than the power of a PEN” – Nikhila Palat

1 (2)

4. “Same potato Different names”

5. Everyone is a FOODIE, Critic, and Master in their field.

6. “When the waiter comes & dumps the chaas on the table – WE REALLY LIKE THAT YAAR‼” 😀 😀 – Annagh Desai (Do I even need to introduce him :O ??)
(It started with, that even the waiters and hoteliers can have a bad day and how bloggers give a critic on that. The dirty plates, messed up tables and when the waiter comes & dumps the chaas on the table – we like it yaar‼ 😛 How simple is that!)
(LOL 😀 Annagh Desai: You were the Jaan of the session! 😛 )



After a Brilliant First session and cake mixing ceremony came my favorite time “LUNCHING SESSION”. Lunch at Mezzo Mezzo, under the leadership of chef Davide Cananzi. OMG, I swear I loved it. Some piquant Italian cuisines were served to us that brought a smile on my face! 🙂

Second Session, started with “How restaurants and hotels are inventing new and interesting ways to engage diners.” Some of the renowned chefs of F&B industry and restaurateurs started the discussion.

The Brilliant Host: Chef Saransh Goila


Best Highlights:
1. People are more aware and know a lot these days.
2. Create value for money
3.”Do simple things right”
4. Innovation
5. “People don’t know what they want”
6. “Everybody is a chef today”
7. “Fusion is confusion” (For some)


The Selfie Ritual

After a High tea break came the third session of Home chef entrepreneur.
Some emerging and famous home chefs were the speakers.

Rushina M Ghildiyal, Amrita Kaur Ramsinghani and Sneha caught my eye!

Home Chefs

Presentation by Rushina

Then came a session hosted by Aditi Raghuwanshi who handles YouTube India.

A quick session how food bloggers are using YouTube and some famous YouTube channels.

Last but not the least one of my other favourite session on Mobile Food photography hosted by none other than “THE BIG BHOOKAD” Adarsh Munjal. 😀

What an amazing time spent with people who belong to food industry.

Later the day was the Awards night.

Finally, the time came. 😀

The Awards Night

So, the awards night was hosted by the youngest Chef “Saransh Goila” This guy needs a big pat on his back, for the work well done. Keeping all the audience entertained is a big task. To be honest, Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan have got some serious competition now! 😉

The Awards Selfie (Ritual)

I myself was nominated in the Restaurant Review Category. But, to be honest I had low hopes to win because I am still a fresher and being nominated with the person, who inspired me to start up blogging, was a BIG ACHIEVEMENT for me. If you could go in flashback, in my first post I wrote that I got inspired by one of my twitter friend to write blogs. Yes, finally I got a chance to meet him. He needs no introduction because his name is enough to describe him! 😛
Meet THE BIG BHOOKAD, Adarsh Munjal. 😀

The Big Bhookad and The Super Chatori! 😛

Meeting and greeting with some distinguished personalities of the food industry was Bliss! 🙂
Here are some pictures.




Awards night was followed by a scrumptious dinner. I swear, food connects so well that you make friends with everyone so easily! 😛

A day well spent at #IFBAatJW. Totally different experience. Incredible Evening and such lovely people.
A Big Thanks to Sameer Malkani, Co. Founder of Food Bloggers Association of India and Saloni M. Malkani for inviting me.

J.W.Marriott Hotel, Mumbai, for such brilliant hospitality and divine food. Since I myself was associated with Marriott Bhopal family I know how much they work hard for their guests. 🙂

The team of FBAI who were working on the event from a long time:
Jahan Bloch (toxic baker), Mohit Chotrani (Hungry Bawarchi) and Agnishwar Banerjee (Aye bee). Kudos for the good work‼
P.S. The video showcased at awards night was extremely hilarious. Please upload it on YouTube. I am sure you guys would get a good response! Hahah 😀

So, here it comes an end to a wonderful evening and my post as well.

Do let me know how it was!
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    Aavriti November 6, 2014 (1:26 pm)

    Wow Mudra! Keep it up.
    Seems like you had quite an event there. I’m sure you had a great experience and this will only benefit you for doing better than before. With so many pictures the post looks even more interesting. Very nice! : ) m/

    • comment-avatar
      mudrakeswani November 13, 2014 (6:34 am)

      Thanks Aavriti! Means allot! Keep supporting! <3 🙂

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