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So many blog post back to back. So many food festivals one after the another. Food so good that it’ll leave you mesmerized. Guess who is enjoying all this?? πŸ˜› Summers is an excuse for vacations. Thought of going on one actually. Then I ended up buying a new phone which made me broke. Bay Leaf at Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal has always been a melting pot of culinary delights and if there is one thing it can promise you, is an outstanding culinary experience every time. To take this experience to better heights, the restaurant took me on a trip to ‘Golden Triangle of India’ i.e. Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Courtyard by Marriott Bhopal has organized a special food fest at their fine dining restaurant Bay Leaf.

The festival showcased the popular cuisines of all these three cities having a legacy associated with culture, history, and food. A team of guest chefs from the proposed cities and in-house chefs had especially picked dishes, flavored not only with spices but a very fine sense of hospitality. #JustMarriottThings

Mr. Alok from Food & Beverages informed that both native and foreign tourists have these cities on their bucket list for sure and food heritage is one of the primary reasons. He explained that Delhi’s Mughlai cuisine, Agra’s Chat and Jaipur’s Marwari dishes are too exceptional and have no match.


Coming straight to what I ate.
It’s terribly hot outside and therefore appetite has reduced drastically. But, I made sure that I do not miss out on dishes.
A refreshing glass of lassi in an earthen pot arrives at the table. Just what you need in these summers. Next comes the chilled welcome drink. Perfect to quench the thirst.



Dil Walo Ki Dilli……

Lawrence Road ka paneer tikka: Named after the famous Lawrence road in Dilli and matching up to that exact version of paneer tikka. It was a splendid and exotic dish with exceptional flavours, engulfed into the marinated paneer cubes, onions and capsicum dices.

Dal Makhani: One of my all-time favourites. This dal was flavoured with tangy tomatoes, curds, and cream giving it a rich feel. Traditionally this dal is simmered all night long to get the unique flavour. Topped with Ghee.

Fathepuri ka Mutter Kulcha: A tasty side dish which was made with veggies and boiled white peas. with minimalist and simple ingredients paired with buttery kulchas, this dish tasted brilliant.


Butter Chicken: The mildly spiced curry sauce is absolutely brilliant and I think one can never say no to butter chicken.

Dehlvi Dum Biryani: The rice was cooked on low flame and therefore the aroma & strong flavours along with spices did the magic. It had loads of cashew nuts. tasted good with dal makhani.

Reshmi Parantha: A sumptuous paratha, which is known for its delightful texture and the appetizing aroma. Made with ghee, milk, maida and wheat flour this paratha is sure to win hearts.

Taj Nagri – Agra…

Subzmoth Ki Seekh: This is a delicious vegetarian seekh kebabs were made with moong daal and loads of veggies. Absolutely soft and succulent.

Shammi Kebab: A small patty of minced meat made so brilliantly that it just melts in the mouth.

Mattar Paneer Ki subzi: Matter paneer is the versatile combination ever. Masala paste sautΓ©ed in butter is further perked up with Indian spices, tangy tomato, milk, cream and other ingredients.


Bedai Poori: Agra’s special Bedai Poori is a very famous street food. Bedai poori is relished with aloo ki sabzi and Garma garam jalebi in the breakfast in Agra.

The Pink City – Jaipur….

Ajmeri Kachori with Kadhi: I won’t lie but few weeks back, I saw a picture if Ajmeri Kachori on Instagram at around 1;30 AM and ask me how much I had been craving for it. Look at the destiny, I got to relish it over here. πŸ˜€

 A perfect kachori is one that is puffed up and flaky outside but hollow inside as the filling sticks to the crust. With a flavourful moong dal mixture as filling, this kachori is deep-fried and therefore has a deliciously crisp crust. Kadhi Kachori is a famous dish of Ajmer. Kadhi is a dish made with yogurt and besan or gram flour as the main ingredient and has some appetizing flavours which come from the spicy masalas used in the dish. The combination of Kachori and Kadhi was bombshell!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Kalmi Bada: Made with a coarsely blended batter of chana dal, perked up with green chillies, onions, dhania seeds, etc. Kalmi Bada had a wonderfully crunchy texture and stimulating flavour.

Rajasthani Gatta Curry: Gram flour dumplings flavoured with dry spices, steamed and then dunked into a yogurt based curry is a traditional Rajasthani specialty and I highly recommend this!

Paneer Rajwada: The desi tongue drools at the sight of Paneer Rajwada. A succulent tomato-based gravy flavoured with an elaborate masala paste containing major Indian spices. Paneer was fresh and absorbed the tangy flavours well, making the overall effect very enjoyable undeniably.

Jaiselmeri Laal Maas: A very popular non-veg dish from Rajasthan. It is a sizzling meat curry which is made with the combination of Kashmiri red chillies and other spices of Rajasthan. Super duper spicy Not for the cold-hearted ones.

One thing I made sure that I might skip a few dishes but I will Not Miss the desserts. Especially when it’s Indian desserts that win my heart instantly.


Kala Jamun: This mithai gives you the phenomenal feeling of biting into a gulab jamun! Kala Jamun is made with a perfect mix of khoya and maida to get super soft jamuns, which are deep-fried and dipped in warm sugar syrup to make a lovely dessert.

Shahi Tukda: One of the most popular desserts. Shahi tukda is bread that is deep fried in ghee then garnished with rabri, nuts, and mawa.

Gyani Rabdi Falooda: Rich creamy kulfi topped with falooda and rabbdi is a dessert which is absolutely soothing during these summers.

Agra Petha: Agra gaye and petha nahi khaya to kya khaya?? The most famous dish from Agra the pethas are soft and chewy candy like dessert.


Ghewar: If we talk about Rajasthan and then sweets, the first thing that’ll come to your mind is Ghewar. A honeycomb-shaped delicacy made using plain flour and ghee. This Melt in the mouth Ghewar took me to the streets of Jaipur and I recalled one very old shop named Laxmi Mishtaan Bhandar (I’m sorry if the name is incorrect, I was still a kid when I last visited Rajasthan). Very rich and flavoursome dessert that you cannot say a No to it!



Kesariya Kheer: A delicious dessert Kesariya Kheer was made using milk, sugar, rice, dry fruits and saffron. The rich aroma, texture, and flavours of the kheer were incredible. Also, It wasn’t really too sweet so if you are not into desserts you will love it. But, If you love desserts like me, πŸ˜€ then you’ll end up having more of it.


I also binged on Seth Gali Ka Rasgulla and Rabdi Malpua.



The desserts certainly took me on cloud 9. Something no one should miss out!!

I ate all the desserts. #ThingsThatMakeMeHappy #IWasThere

I ate all the desserts. #ThingsThatMakeMeHappy #IWasThere

Golden Triangle of India is one of its kind of food festival that Bhopal has probably never witnessed in the past. If you cannot travel to these three place and still want to relish the flavours this is the best opportunity you can ever get. Tickets might burn your pocket but this is pretty affordable when compared.


Thank you Prakruti & Mr. Ravindra Soni for the invite.
Thank you, Mr. Girish, Mr. Alok, Chef Asif & team for an incredible experience.

P.S. The author was invited and the reviews are personal.
Tastes are subjective and may differ from person to person.

Till then, Happy Hogging!

Food Festival: Golden Triangle Of India
Restaurant: Bay Leaf, Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal
Address: DB City, Arera Hills.
Date: 18th May to 27th May 2017
Timing: 1900-2330 Hours
For Reservations Call: 738990963

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