• From Chandni Chowk to Chowpatty at Courtyard Marriott Bhopal

From Chandni Chowk to Chowpatty

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It’s been a while since I updated my website. Loads of festivities, travel and weddings happening keeping me busy. Nevertheless, here I am again back to my second home, Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal as they bring street food from Chandni Chowk to Chowpatty under one roof. Bringing you highlights From Chandni Chowk to Chowpatty at Courtyard by Marriott Bhopal. 

Chandni Chowk to Chowpatty at Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal

Chandni Chowk to Chowpatty at Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal

Let’s just accept the fact the Bhopali people are diehard fans of Chaat and street food and when something like this comes to the city one shouldn’t miss out the opportunity to binge on the delicacies.

Chandni Chowk to Chowpatty

Chandni Chowk to Chowpatty

Chef Asif, informed that “Indian street food is a blend of sweet and sour and spicy and tangy flavours, all often in one dish and the variety of textures. In street food heaven like Chowpatty and Chandni Chowk, it is possible to make a full meal out of street food, moving from shop to shop, feasting on chaat, kachori, pav bhaji and ragda patties, ending with some piping hot jalebis. We have brought together two different cuisines under one roof.”



Cuisines from Chandni Chowk

Natraj Ke Dahi Bhalle: fluffy, golden-coloured vadas might taste good as such, but they taste even better when made into tongue-tickling Dahi Bhalla. Soaked in water to make them softer and then drowned in the sweetened curd. Served with a drizzling of khajur imli ki chutney and a sprinkling of spice powders. Tasted Melt-in-the-mouth and oh so yummy!!!

Paranthe Wali Gali Ke Paranthe: One of the most famous highlights from Delhi that you will not get anywhere else but one can certainly relish it for a while at Courtyard by Marriott. I am talking about none other than Paranthe Wali Gali Ke Paranthe. The stuffed parathas are deep fried in desi ghee and served with Dahi, Achaar or Sabzi. Oh my god!! It was piping hot and heavy like literally.




Moong Dal Kachori with Aloo Bhaji:  A perfect kachori is one that is puffed up and flaky outside but hollow inside as the filling sticks to the crust. With a flavourful moong dal mixture as filling, this kachori was deep-fried patiently on a slow flame to achieve that deliciously crisp crust. Served with gravy based aloo bhaji.



Aloo Chole Tikki: A lip-smacking chaat that is loved all over India. Potato tikkis flavourfully perked up with spicy chickpea/ chole gravy, curd, sev, varieties of chutneys and Indian spices.  



Cuisines from Chowpatty

Bombay Pao Bhaji: There are varieties of Pav Bhaji available in the city but authentic Bombay Chowpatty Pav Bhai is an emotion. A spicy blend of vegetables in tomato gravy served with pav that is cooked with butter. 


Bread Katka: It is basically a bread chaat. Super duper easy to make yet so flavourful. Small Bread pieces topped with imly chutney, green chutney, chopped onions and tomatoes, chopped coriander and sev.

Kalyan Vada Pav: Mumbai’s very own burger. The vada is made of a spicy potato filling deep fried in a gram flour batter. Along with a hot and spicy garlic chutney, it is served inside a small “Laddi Pav”. My all-time favourite.

Mumbai Frankie: A satiating snack that can be relished even on-the-go, the Veg Frankie is made by rolling up a tongue-tickling potato mixture inside roti wraps. Every single ingredient such as the butter-cooked rotis, the crunchy onions and zesty Frankie masala, contributes to the flavour of this amazing Mumbai Frankie.

From Chandni Chowk to Chowpatty at Courtyard Marriott Bhopal

From Chandni Chowk to Chowpatty at Courtyard Marriott Bhopal


Both the locations are special, important, delicious, tasty, an array of flavours, popular, highly accepted cuisines, unique yet so different in all aspect, both the cuisines are poles apart in terms of ingredients, cooking style, taste and flavours.

Every Indian knows what to accept from these two landmark destinations of the gourmet world, no surprises just burst of flavours in every bite. This is something worth trying out especially to note the hygiene factor and things readily available under one roof. Food so good and delicious that it’ll leave you mesmerized and Burping. Head to MoMo Cafe Today!


Thank you Prakruti & Mr. Ravindra Soni for the invite.

Thank you Mr. Girish, Mr Alok, Chef Asif, Mr. Yash & team for an amazing experience every time.


P.S. The author was invited and the reviews are personal.

Tastes are subjective and may differ from person to person.

Till then, Happy Hogging!




Food Festival:  Chandni Chowk To Chowpaty

Restaurant: MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal

Address: DB City, Arera Hills.

Date: 16th November to 25th November 2018

Valet Parking: Available


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