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Hello my fellow chatoras,

Bhopal is rejoicing in this festive season. Now that the fasting season is over we sure can binge on some scrumptious food and there’s no one stopping us especially when there are places which are serving good food accompanied with great ambience.

A nip in the air, breezy evenings and al fresco dining area is the new trend. Everyone would agree that Bhopal’s weather is perfect and the best way to soak it all in is to sip on some amazing cool drinks under the sun’s warm rays, accompanied by lush greenery. The city now has a sprinkling of fabulous outdoor eateries that you’d love to unwind at, after a long day of being cooped up indoors.

Countryside Meadows

Countryside Meadows

Countryside Meadows is one such place which has been the talk of the town and why not?? The outdoor alfresco dining area filled with white stones, Rooftree PDRs, good food and good service is what everyone wants. I loved the way it is designed.  A place I would personally go just to chill with my squad. An Absolute Bliss!!




Well, this place is 100% vegetarian and multi-cuisine. Non- Vegetarians, do not worry, there is so much on the list that you might not miss the meat. Also, I’m so overwhelmed that they have so many things on the menu which every Bhopali needs to experience and try. From a Malaysian Nasi Goreng to Mexican Quesadillas. From Burgers to Desi Khaana. They have it all!!

Here’s what I had and recommend:

Tandoori Momos

If I ask anyone the hottest Indian street food today they’ll surely say it’s Momos.  They are definitely a comfort food for most of us. With a wide variety of momos, this dish tops the charts when it comes to street food! Be it steamed, tandoori or pan-fried, we like them all. But the tandoori style holds a special place in our hearts. Classic Nepali style dumplings, lavishly spread in Tandoori marinade and cooked in powerful heat giving it a divine charcoal smokiness.


Heaps of colourful veggies sautéed till crisp and tossed with noodles and sauce, make a wonderful filling for wontons. The crunchiness of the veggies was retained with perfectly golden brown colour and served with Schezwan sauce. Big Thumbs Up!!

BBQ Burger

Say Hello to your new favourite veggie burger. Big on flavour and taste. The hearty patties were infused and topped with tangy BBQ sauce and served up on buns accompanied with fries. Paired it with mojito and OMG so gooooooodd!! 😀


I absolutely relished the adorable gooeyness of cheese and the blissful crunch of corn in these gorgeous quesadillas. One of the most popular Mexican foods and since it is made using common ingredients, it is sure to be loved by all. The perfect texture of tortillas with mixed veggies and cheese gave the stuffing an exciting crunch.

Paneer Dragon

The traditionally non-vegetarian dish named chicken dragon is modified for vegetarians. This melt in the mouth starter flavoured with all the ethnic Chinese flavours. It’s named Dragon because it is as spicy as a dragon’s fiery breath. Don’t worry it’s not *that* spicy. I’m kidding!! 😛  Must Try dish at this place.




The classic Greek Spanakopita is a rich pie stuffed with spinach, onions, cheeses and herbs that are all enfolded by crispy, flaky phyllo dough. This was a fusion version of it wherein it had a stuffing of cheese, corns, spinach, onion and herbs. The taste was bang on!!

Chef’s Special Cottage Cheese

This dish was extremely similar to baked vegetables. Au Gratin or baked vegetables is one of the first dishes that comes to mind when one thinks of continental delicacy. Chef did a bit of a modification making the dish more enticing and called it Chef’s Special Cottage Cheese. It was an assortment of colourful veggies such as carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms and baby corn which were mixed into the white sauce, topped with cheese and baked till the cheese melts and forms a lusciously gooey layer over the vegetables. This dish can be a synonym of heaven. 🙂

Spinach and Corn Cannelloni

Cannelloni means big tubes of pasta wherein the Pasta sheets are cooked, filled and rolled up into a cylindrical shape. Filled with baby corn, mushrooms and spinach, the cannelloni is coated with a creamy white sauce. Melt-in-the-mouth this was the winner dish for me!! <3

Dal Makhani, Rice and Stuffed Kulchas

Dal makhani one of the most popular Punjabi dish, with its smooth, velvety texture and the lovely flavour is an absolute delicacy. This spicy lentil preparation is made with a mix of rajma and whole black gram and a perfect blend of whole spices. It has plenty of butter which balances out the heat from the spices and makes the final dal rich and creamy. Relished it with Kulchas and Rice.

Aloo Kulchas were delicious, flavour-packed Indian bread which was stuffed with a tasty, mildly-tangy potato mixture. The buttery Kulchas with Dal were absolutely mind boggling!!


Biryani, one of the most popular dishes in the world! A spicy gravy jam-packed with veggies and paneer, sandwiched between rice, cooked with spices and perked up with Raita/Salan. The enticing aroma that wafts out of the handi, makes it a visual, aromatic and gorgeous treat.

I was bloating by then because I stuffed too much in excitement. *facepalm*

I had to stop myself because of that otherwise the food was so good I would’ve literally sat there the whole day trying out other dishes too. Well, I sure can do that next time! 😉


My point:

This place serves almost everything and is Pure Vegetarian. From a fully fledged meal to delectable appetizers. I certainly look forward to visiting this place again and would want all you Bhopali People to do the same. It’s one of the most incredible places in Bhopal in terms of ambience with lush greenery and exotic food. From presentation to its taste everything is commendable. A long drive with folks to hangout at this place is something I would highly recommend. 😉

Try it yourself and share your experience with me.

Till then,  Happy Hogging!


P.S. The author was invited and the reviews are personal.

Tastes are subjective and may differ from person to person.


Thank you, Mr. Shantanu, Mr. Yash and Mr. Ankur for having me over. 🙂


Chatori Meter: 4/5

Restaurant:  Countryside Meadows

Address: Kerwa Dam Rd, National Law Institute University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462007

Parking: Available



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