Chef Ravish’s Culinary Journey at Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal

I love talking about food, and hearing stories about food amaze me. You get to learn so much about different cuisines and experiences. Every person, every hotelier, every food-lover, every home cook or rather every chef holds with him a different book of thoughts about his culinary experience. If you too love such things, then here’s something you can look forward to.

Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal has been the city’s leading culinary destination with well-known restaurants and the finest chefs who cater to the evolving needs of the Indian palette. If there is one thing Bay leaf, Courtyard by Marriott will promise you, it is a superlative food experience, each and every time. This time Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal will be setting a new benchmark in the field of culinary innovation by curating an exceptional epicurean showcase of Chef Ravish’s Culinary Journey.

Chef Ravish Mishra is the newly appointed Executive Chef and has over his 12 years of kitchen journey in renowned Indian, American, Mexican, Italian and French Hotels.

Progressive Indian menu was launched first time in Bhopal at Bay Leaf restaurant only when they started but after looking at the food trends and demands it’s back again with refined and a new menu. This unique concept comes to Bhopal with a ten-day series, bringing an essence of Chef Ravish’s collective experience from the barbecue and grill technique from the U.S, the molcajete, dry roast and sous-vide from Mexico and fry & steam cooking from Indian kitchens. The menu has handpicked popular Indian dishes. These dishes are cooked using traditional and nouvelle culinary techniques without losing their authenticity and are presented in the most startling way. It’s one of a kind experience for food lovers.



Mr Girish Krishnan, Director F&B, mentioned that “Indian Cuisine is rich in heritage, bound by culture, inspired by regions, homes and streets. In this food, promotion Chef has curated menu which will show Indian cuisine in a completely new perspective, with nouvelle approach and unique techniques. Each dish is crafted with attention to detail using traditional as well as nouvelle culinary techniques to ensure tastes remain authentic & awe-inspiring”.

I was privileged enough to be invited for a sit-down lunch for this 10-day culinary extravaganza.  Describing below what 7 courses set meal.





First look at the dish and you just keep staring at it. Bedmi Aloo never ever looked this pretty. Topped with a puri filled with sweet curd and garnished with sev the Bedmi aloo was made with Dhania, anardana, sonth, mint and cashew nuts dalmonth. I was totally awe-struck after my first course and was very desperate for my second meal and the surprise.





Talk about exquisite and surprising flavours. The second course is about that.

If you see the picture all you’d say is OMG! It’s such a pretty looking dish!! It was indeed petty. So pretty that I did not feel like disturbing it by eating. But, I gotta do what I gotta do! You cannot, I repeat, you just cannot make out by its look that its galouti kebab. Goodbye old galouti we have an all-new version with even better side accomplishments. The vegetarian Kale Chane ki Galauti was made with mashed kale chane, nolen gur khajur topped with paper thin olive papad, soya methi salad dressing, and topped with beetroot raita.




While the Gosht Ki Galauti was made with lamb minced meat, with a base of corn tortilla, served with pickled onion jam, curd cheese extract, topped with baby mint and cookie crumble. Now, both the dishes had a burst of flavours. Spicy and delectable kebabs that would just melt in your mouth. One bite and it’ll leave you wanting for more.



A Sweet and tangy icy concoction. Sugar syrup blended with kala khatta syrup, black pepper, lemon juice and tons of ice. Served like an ice candy in a mud pot. One bite is enough to give you the hit!!



Look at the dish. Praise it’s beauty, first. Then start finding the ingredients. Stuffed mushrooms on the side made in coconut cream curry accompanied with masala beans poriyal South Indian dish) and topped with Plantain crisps. I absolutely adored the thinking process being making this dish.




The Chettinadu baby lamb was meat minced and prepared in the form of keema tasted absolutely melt-in-the-mouth and was a burst of flavours. But what won my heart was the malabar paratha that was made like a spanakopita and had a lemon porcini semiya filling served with pineapple chutney. Chef Ravish, Take a bow!!




Creativity has absolutely no limits. You’ll know why I said this while reading below.

No matter how much I eat, there is always a room for dessert. It doesn’t go to the stomach, it directly goes to the heart. Well, the last course was an utter bombshell.

Rose poached chenna was one of the most amazing desserts I’ve had in the longest time. Chenna served with Mango Saffron coulis, rose petal am, pistachio and dressed with angel hair sugar. OMG! So much in just one dish!! <3

The dessert was a winner for me. From its presentation to its taste. Everything was made to perfection.

The Menu at Bay Leaf, Courtyard by Marriott is designed to give your taste buds an exquisite flavour about the food experienced by Chef Ravish. Why wait to travel, when you can get a great opportunity to learn and explore food through this 10 days extravaganza. This surely will tantalise your taste buds. The service is impeccable and will leave you mesmerised.


Thank you Prakruti & Mr. Geet for the invite.

Thank you Mr. Girish, Mr. Alok, Chef Ravish,  Yash & team for a divine experience.


P.S. The author was invited and the reviews are personal.

Tastes are subjective and may differ from person to person.


Till then, Happy Hogging!

Restaurant: Bay Leaf, Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal


Address: DB City, Arera Hills.


Date: 11th Jan to 20th Jan 2019


Timing: 1900-2330 Hours




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