Hogging at 32 Degrees North East

Sometimes a place has been on your list since the longest time but something or the other happens that you just cannot make it. But there are even days wherein you feel so inclined towards that place that you keep all other things on stand-by and just bump into that place. Finally, I got a chance to visit 32 Degrees North East which was planned to be visited by a group of friends but most of them ditched and only I was the one left to try that out.

A nip in the air, breezy evenings and alfresco dining area is the new trend. Everyone would agree that Bhopal’s weather is perfect and the best way to soak it all in is to sip on some amazing cool mocktails under the sunโ€™s warm rays, accompanied with lush greenery. The city now has a sprinkling of fabulous outdoor eateries that youโ€™d love to unwind at, after a long day of being cooped up indoors. But, after visiting 32 Degrees North East, I think this place has topped the charts and uplifted the alfresco dining experience in the city. Tree house type private seating which is 20 feet tall, Lighted seating during the evening accompanied with cool breeze.


I loved the way it is designed. Also, not many people know the reason behind its name. This place is situated at Bhadbhada road. Ah! Better way to explain the location. It’s located at exactly 32 Degrees, North East on the compass. So now whenever you’re here, you know exactly where you stand! ๐Ÿ˜›   


Well, this place is 100% vegetarian and multi-cuisine. Non- Vegetarians, do not worry, there is so much on the list that you might not miss the meat. Here’s what I had and recommend:


Have fun without alcohol! Mocktails are generally the non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktails. They bring together several exciting flavours in one exciting format.

Non Alcoholic Beer & Breezers

To all the tea toddlers out there, if you’ve been teased a lot by your alcoholic friends bring them along over here. They have Non-Alcoholic Beer and Breezers which taste very similar to the alcoholic ones. Now, you might not be missing out on things. ๐Ÿ˜€

Sango Delight

This was a mocktail specially curated by the bar tender.  Strawberries are my favourite and it had to be on the table! Juicy strawberries, combined with orange juice, mint leaves, syrups  along with crushed ice. Oh! So,Yum!!

Turkey Delight

Now, I really don’t know why this drink was given Turkey delight as its name. Blue cooler syrup along with lemon juice, soda fizz and ice were the simple combinations. I found it a bit sweet for me. You can ask for customization also. ๐Ÿ™‚


Sushi Platter

There are very few places in Bhopal that serve Sushi. This famous Japanese dish is prepared with raw veggies/fish and rice rolled up in a bamboo mat. Not everyone loves sushi for the fact that one needs to have developed that specific taste buds to relish this kind of a dish. I personally do not like raw food much but I certainly at times enjoy Avocado sushi.  32 Degrees North East have borrowed some ideas from Japanese cuisine and given it an Indianized touch so that people now can relish sushi with a thought. Here’s what they do:

Paneer Sushi: This scrumptious sushi had covering of paneer rather than the rice. On the inside, it’s the stuffed with loads of veggies cooked in Indian spices. The perfect Indian touch given to this dish made it brilliant.  

Alfredo Sushi: Now this was something very different. Japanese, Italian and Indian mixed together in a sushi. Outer covering of cheese with Alfredo sauce and veggies inside, along with Indian spices giving it a burst of flavours. Do Not Miss!


Continental Platter

This was a mixed platter of Italian and Chinese items. I quiet liked the fact that one can devour so many varieties within the platter offerings. Also, each one of them tasted different and was so good that it is super hard for me to decide which one was the best.

Bangkok Bread Croquets: A lip-smacking starter, which is sure to raise oneโ€™s expectations of the forthcoming meal! Potato-Cheese filled bread Croquettes seemed very enticing. A melt-in-the-mouth covering of mashed potatoes gives way to a succulent, cheesy filling that has the peppy flavour of chilli-garlic sauce. Accompanied by more chilli-garlic sauce, this luscious snack is a splendid treat for your taste buds, in terms of its texture as well as flavour.

Pattaya Jacket Potato: Jacket potato was yet another enticing dish with the appealing jacketed potatoes filled with a cheesy mixture and then baked till done and the cheese melts.

Hongkong Rice Balls: Cooked rice and colourful vegetables used as a mildly spiced dough that is shaped into balls and deep-fried. There can’t be a more interesting way to make use of cooked rice! creamy, saucy, scrumptious dish, jammed with the goodness of corn and cheese.

Alfredo Paneer: A decadent and delicious pasta sauce along with finely chopped veggies in triangle shaped cottage cheese/Paneer. The filling is used as spread in between the paneer slices and looks more of mini sandwiches. tastes so good that you might not want to share it with others.

Corn Twisty: Corn and cheese makes any starter worth a try, because this duo is a great hit. Crispy, golden coloured and coated  with bread crumbs. It is so visually appealing and scrumptious to bite into that this item will be wiped off in no time.


Biryani, one of the most popular dishes in he world! A spicy gravy jam-packed with veggies and paneer, sandwiched between rice, cooked with spices and perked up with Raita/Salan. The enticing aroma that wafts out of the handi, makes it a visual, aromatic and gorgeous treat.  Somehow, I felt that this one dish could be improved as it was a bit oily for me. Though, I’ve shared my experience with the owner and I’m assured that they shall improve upon such things.



If there is one dessert that everybody loves, it is ice-cream! People cannot resist the urge to have ice-creams even when its winter. Glad that it was a pleasant day and therefore I was served Guava Ice cream with Masala. Now, that taste brought back childhood memories when I used to have guava along with masala on it with my cousin brother. Tasted brilliant!!

My point

This place serves almost everything and is Pure Vegetarian. From a fully fledged meal to delectable appetizers. I certainly look forward to visiting this place again and would want all you Bhopali People to do the same. Itโ€™s one of the most incredible places in Bhopal in terms of ambience with lush foliage and exotic  food. From presentation to its taste everything is commendable. The only issue is is that it’s too far away from my place, otherwise it could have been my favourite joint to hangout with friends but, a long drive with folks is not too bad at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Try it yourself and share your experience with me.

Till then  Happy Hogging!


P.S. The author was invited. Reviews are personal.

Thank you, Mr. Akash Jain for having me over. ๐Ÿ™‚


Chatori Meter: 4/5

Restaurant:  32 Degrees North East Restro Lounge

Address: Kerwa Dam Rd, National Law Institute University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462007



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