Phirni, which is a magnificent, creamy dessert made with rice combined with milk, cream, sugar and some saffron strands for flavouring. Traditionally, phirni is always cooked over low heat so that the milk thickens while cooking. The thickened milk ... Continue Reading

Biryani Mania

Hello my fellow Chatoras, We meet again, with yet another blog post. I'm delighted and rejoicing for the fact that there are back to back food festivals and therefore so many blogposts every now and then.Well, this is going to be ... Continue Reading

Ni Hao From China!

Ni Hao my fellow Chatoras,This time I won't say, it's been a long time. I'm rejoicing as there are so many food festivals lined up in the City and therefore I've been buried under a work avalanche wherein, I'm just eating, clicking pictures and ... Continue Reading

Experiencing Chef Ravinder’s Culinary Journey

    I love talking about food, and hearing stories about food, amazes me. You get to learn so much about different cuisines and experiences. Every person, every hotelier, every food-lover, every home cook or rather every chef holds ... Continue Reading